Supply Chain Management SCM 2.0

Our IoT supply chain Management Solution will be assisting you in each and every step of manufacturing your goods, transporting them, storing them and even during selling them to have a direct contact with the customer and the market

SCM Features

Inventory Management

Using the fuel level sensors, Production Head can monitor the level of the inventory easily and increase real-time visibility Quantity as well as the Quality 

Operation Management

  • Monitoring Production lines, loading and offloading operation
  • Manage the fleet queuing within the main/sub stations
  • Identify bottlenecks and enhance processes

Logistics (Product in-transit)

  • Increase visibility and transparency
  • Maintain quality and quantity of Products and and goods while in-transit
  • Returnable Transport Items (RTI) Management
  • Increased delivery accuracy, avoid delays and discover defected products and goods on point of sale
FUEL QUALITY CONTROLLING to Make sure the Transported fuel quality will stay within the standard as well as FUEL THEFT PREVENTION to Make sure the transported fuel full quantity will be delivered to...
Improper temperature control is a key reason why food and other perishable cargo are wasted in the supply chain.
Smart transportation companies understand the value of reliable cold chain monitoring...
Security has always been and continues to be a priority across the several sectors, oil and gas, logistics, etc. Huge Operations are run daily and they must be carried out without interference...