Fuel Quality Controlling

Make sure the Transported fuel quality will stay within the standard (Prevent Mixing and Manipulation)

Fuel Theft Prevention

Make sure the transported fuel full quantity will be delivered to the client (Prevent Stealing)

Real-Time monitoring

Get the level reading of the fuel in all tanks and get notified if any sudden change happened

Work Force Management

Manage the dispatching, Distribution, and Monitoring of all drivers

Order Management

Add your service to the market place and manage your customers orders in a very simple and powerful way

Level Readings
  • Remote Level Monitoring
  • Secure communication between the tanks and servers
  • Alerts when the level change suddenly
Work Force Management
  • Create orders and schedule deliveries
Location Service
  • Map View: showing the tanks along with their current levels on the map.
Fleet Management
  • Evaluate and track delivery team’s performance over time
  • Maps to support optimized delivery routing
Reporting to Aramco
  • Detailed graphical and tabular reports as well as email, or SMS alerts.
  • Generate summery reports
Marketplace Membership

Advertise your services to the gas station