Fleet Management

Fleet Management Service (FMS) provide can be applied in any method of transportation-movable asset- exists in the hightly modern scalable world of today.

FMS provides a wide set of services that concern any fleet manager whether the fleet consists of cars ,trucks, cargo, containers or boats. By using FMS, you will maximize a day-to-day working efficiency, boost safety, optimize operations and reach an impressive level of operational cost.

Real-time tracking to pinpoint the exact, current location of vehicles and drivers by GSM or Satellite, to optimum coverage and secure connection

Real-time notification of entry into no-go zones and other user-defined geo-fences via e-mail or as a text messages to your mobile phone


A movement reports enable you to view the location from where your vehicles departed, where they arrived and how many visits were made

Historical route replays to review journeys undertaken by vehicles

Efficient scheduling and staff management

Manage pool cars through automatic driver management

Define the optimum routes and define zone in relation with drivers and schedules

Obtain the fuel consumption information which will help to optimize the fuel consumption

Define specific area as restricted zones and alerts will be generated for any violation

Apply safe driving by monitoring speed and driver behaviour

Get full history of the vehicle location which would help us to investigate about any accident


Send alerts if the device removed or been tampered

Vehicle Management
  • Monitor in real time the vehicle’s performance
  • Corrective maintenance actions to any vehicle that shows a performance defect
  • Optimize preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Managing vehicles profiles [car, truck, bus, etc ]
  • Monitoring CAN bus data such as fuel level, coolant temperature, engine working hours, etc
Mobility Management
  • Real-time view of the vehicle’s position
  • Show the latest location
  • Trace Vehicle’s history
  • Define Restricted area
  • Define a safety zone for each vehicle/driver or department as well as the authorized speed
Driver Management
  • Repository for driver information and documents
  • Driver recognition Via RFID reader
  • Updates driver information through the LDAP interface
  • Drivers can confirm reaching a certain place/area
  • Drivers can accept confirm and close the order
  • Driver behavior and scoring management
Operations Management
  • Flexibility organization structure
  • Managing Zone Profiles
  • Efficiently-manage the vehicles trips
  • Control the fuel consumption
  • Manage the drivers’ expenses and working hours
  • Share trip with vehicles/drivers on the navigation device
Alert Management
  • Escalation enine will perform real-time or scheduled delivery of SMS and E-mail to the user witch contains system generated alarms or reports
  • Event-based alert for speed violation, idling violation, panic button emergency, etc
Incident Management
  • Notification in real-time process about any abnormal situation or motion detection
  • Provides the closest vehicle to incident’s location
  • Respond quickly to emergencies by knowing the precise locations through SOS-button
  • Immediate notification will be sent if there is a loose connection or driver intended to remove the device from the vehicle
User Management
  • User profile Role-based access rights
  • User privileges through the integration with the HR System
  • Standard profiles-[Corporate admin, Department admin, Corporate viewer,Department viewer ]
  • level access rights manage which vehicle/departments the user can manage and get the information
  • User log report
Report Management

Provides range of reporting and analytics tool and enables to analyze fleet in details based in user-defined selection; vehicle performance, driver behavior/scoring, fuel consumption, event violation.

Major Reports

  • General Reports
  • Violation Regulation reports
  • Documentation expiry reports
  • Engine activity reports
  • Zone management reports safe/districted zones crossing in/out
  • Detect commuting usage report
  • Shipment duration report and summary report
  • Battery status report
  • Trip management report
Safty Management
  • With the FMS safety dashboard you get statistics on speeding violations and severity, which will help to reduce accidents, as well as harsh driving events such as quick starts, hard braking and harsh cornering
  • You also get configurable alerts on these events so you know right away
  • Drivers are rated and given safety score based on their stats
  • The intelligent violation tickets system could easily be integrated to HR system in order to escalate in real-time the violator and update his driving scoring according to a customized company policy