Fixed Assets

Assets are the spine of any enterprise, and the way they are managed reflects on the performance of the enterprise. “AssetsTalk TM ” will provide you the essential information needed to optimize operations.

Analytic reports of the collected data (status, location, performance and safety ) will help you gain the insight needed to maximize the assets expectancy.


icons avl-12Real Time Locating

AssetsTalk TM provides you with a real-time location of all the monitored Assets. Allowing you to manage and relocate assets in an easier and time efficient manner.

Report Management

After information collection, it will be nearly impossible to go through all the raw data collected while monitoring assets. AssetsTalkTM will analyze all of the raw data and produce clear and readable reports.

Alert Management

AssetsTalk TM will be sending instant alerts through SMS or Email if any uncommon behavior is sensed from the asset. Whether it is a technical malfunction or an unplanned shift of location, you well receive an immediate alert of that action.

Assets Status

AssetsTalk TM will observe the performance of the assets to ensure they are working flawlessly.

Application- ATM Assets

Monitoring of real time location, ATMs status, Driving Speed and route trace in case of theft

Alerting Through SMS or Email in case of ATM’s attack

  • Power disconnect
  • Moved or tampered
  • Location change

Report and Maintenance management

Notification management