Car Rental and Leasing

In the car rental or car leasing businesses the main concern is how to monitor leased or rented vehicles. The tools we incorporated in our products will help customers get more control over their operations and get a satisfying level of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

With MachinesTalkTM  you get:

  • On spot View of the Vehicle location inside and outside the borders of the area it can function within.
  • Since leasing businesses don’t need real-time view of the location, 24 hours location update is the perfect solution.
  • Mileage monitoring.
  • Driving behavior monitoring
  • Real-Time alert when the vehicle leaves the borders of the area it’s allowed to transport in.
  • Distinguish your luxury cars’ service with an internet hotspot and in-vehicle navigator.


  • Notify your customer whether rent period is finished or the allowed mileage per day is reached
  • Identify and schedule maintenance without inconvenience to the customers’ daily working schedules
  • Increase your chances of car recovery in case of theft.
  • Enhance the fleets dispatching over branches and cities.

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